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Blockchain - Lösungen für die Intelligente Vernetzung
von Balázs Némethi 27.03.2018 14:36
Was ist das Ziel des Projekts?:

Taqanu is a blockchain based, digital identity platform, and surrounding collaborative ecosystem. It is the internet’s missing layer, allowing people to safely identify themselves within online global portals. Concerned with addressing social & financial inclusion, its open source technology empowers and encourages innovative solutions to address global social and environmental challenges.
Welche Rolle spielt Blockchain in der Umsetzung?:
The Abacus fabric is the set of rails that process all claims (including self made claims) and verifications - to grant access proven on our blockchain. This multi-layered fabric is the backbone for our Attestation network. A network based on one of the oldest sources of validation among human beings; reputation and accountability.

The Abacus Fabric functions to allow members of a user’s network to attest to the validity of that person’s identity and set of claims. The fabric achieves this with the use of verifiable claims, which are processed cryptographical statements made by other parties about that user. These claims are tamper-proof, cryptographically verified and can be bundled together to make many claims at once. Claims are verified through signatures and can be removed/deleted at any time with the removal of ones key. A key is a store of ownership for one’s identity, it is what connects the blockchain with the corresponding identity.
Was ist der aktuelle Stand Ihres Projekts - Wie weit sind Sie bereits fortgeschritten und was sind Ihre nächsten geplanten Schritte?:
Currently a POC is to use our core blockchain identity to track and monitor the end to end supply chain of an artisanal commodity. This use case will ensure transparency and accountability at all levels of the chain, to help promote better pay and working conditions for the many workers exploited at upstream stages.
Welche Aspekte würden Sie gerne mit den Nutzerinnen und Nutzern auf der OIP diskutieren bzw. zu welchen Aspekten würden Sie sich Feedback wünschen?:
We would like to learn more about the opportunity to find partners interested in the use of a GDPR compliant blockchain enabled digital ID solution.
Uwe Weinreich
Dear Balazs,

that sounds like a really relevant solution. I am in doubt whether a p2p-based initial authentication will support many use cases. I suppose that the verification by licensed organisations that you have mentioned (or for instance video authentication) will be required for participating in many transactions and in any formal process with authorities. Could you imagine to make your solution attractive to authorities so that they join in as users and partners?

Balázs Némethi
Hi Uwe,

Definitely yes, we are very open to discussing it with authorities!

The p2p layer does add a new layer of constant verification as they have to happen in person and people can grow their identity history that they can be used for future proofing the strength of the ID.
eg: in every instance, you meet with a doctor the doctor sees your profile and you receive a personal verification at the start.
Valerius Braun
Hi Balazs,
Sounds interesting. How exactly does the peer verification process work?
Balázs Némethi
Hi Valerius,

Essentially it is a p2p network theory based solution where every interaction acts as a light verification as those personal meetings have to happen in person, while the more legally acceptable verifications are carried out by licenced orgs. Therefore the assurance of your persona grows over time as your identity history grows. :)
Ludwig Hanisch
Hello Mr. Némethi,
Thank you for submitting your contribution.
The concept sounds exciting.
Could you be a little more specific - perhaps by using examples - about how Taqanu can help to face global challenges?

Many greetings,

Ludwig Hanisch
Balázs Némethi
Hi Ludwig, Here is a good example we are discussing with a couple of parties who are on site working on this situation.
I have to mention this is only one of the projects we are developing and if you are still interested please sign up on our website as we will start releasing information soon :)

At a camp in Greece, a newly arriving refugee can set up a digital ID with our smartphone application. 

Uploading any previous documents that they may still have, and connecting themselves to their digital history, they have begun creating a valid and internationally recognisable profile.
Within the application they can access all connected services and 3rd party applications.
A camp portal offers health, legal, education and payment distributions servicesasylum notifications, general announcements, medical service access, payment distribution and other services.

Camp services like health, legal, education and payment distributions - can now be instantly accessed with verifications on our network, and monitored with other services connected to our Abacus fabric (blockchain) and APIs.

Services and organisations within the camp can physically verify and attest to the profiles of our users, leaving them with a strong profile system ready for everyday services when they reach their new cities and new homes.

At their final destination they can now open bank accounts and purchase mobile phone contracts immediately , because they have already been verified and attested to with their unique Taqanu ID.

By speeding up the process of accessing everyday services like legal, government and financial,
we are accelerating the time it takes for a refugee in a new city -
to find their own housing, job and education.

And ultimately, feel accepted within their new society. 
Blockchain - Lösungen für die Intelligente Vernetzung