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Blockchain - Lösungen für die Intelligente Vernetzung
von Adam Nagy 11.05.2018 14:10
Was ist das Ziel des Projekts?:
In the face of the new paradigm shift of the energy sector - the rise of renewables - generating value to prosumers and grid operators through new type of digital energy services and enabling information flow between them in a secure, trusted manner; by harnessing blockchain technology.
Welche Rolle spielt Blockchain in der Umsetzung?:
Private households with installed solar capacity struggle to generate revenue from their high CapEx spending due to regulatory feed-in limits, ending subsidies and lack of energy services, while grid operators see consumers as a black box and suffer from the intermittent nature of DERs at household level. We are mitigating this problem by building the so-called "network effect", which was not leveraged so far in the industry, and blockchain technology provide brand new ways to achieve that.

As a potential first use-case, we would make the prosumers visible by registering their relevant, distributed assets and continuous status info on a ledger. It would be directly accessible to grid operators (DSOs, TSOs) who could monitor it for the purpose of network planning, identifying bottlenecks, more accurate forecasts, etc., in general: get to know their existence. Prosumers in return would get additional revenue by providing access to their data & the type of data they are willing to share while retaining full control over it.

Our plug&play IoT behind-the-meter gateway devices are already on the market with a rapidly increasing user base. By blockchain-enabling them, our smart contracts and oracles would directly communicate and register information on the ledger, without involving any third party or cloud backend as an intermediary. The technology itself ensures security, trust, verification, and very cheap transactions even at micro scale. This way a coherent, global registry is created which we expect to be an enabler for other novel energy services as well in the future.
Was ist der aktuelle Stand Ihres Projekts - Wie weit sind Sie bereits fortgeschritten und was sind Ihre nächsten geplanten Schritte?:
Currently, we are in the concept development/prototyping phase. This solution can be easily implemented as a collateral use-case to our existing EMS and monitoring system, which is vendor independent and already interfaces with most inverters, thus has access to all the data. First, the connectivity layer needs to be implemented, which will be followed by the development of the actual service(s).
Welche Aspekte würden Sie gerne mit den Nutzerinnen und Nutzern auf der OIP diskutieren bzw. zu welchen Aspekten würden Sie sich Feedback wünschen?:
While exploring blockchain based solutions in the energy sector and potential use-cases, the obstacles that we identified are not technological. It is related to the problem of regulation (too restrictive for most cases), new type of business models and revenue streams, and the collaboration of energy market participants. We are open to discussing these potential issues related to our project ideas, and in general.
Blockchain - Lösungen für die Intelligente Vernetzung